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GaoGaiKingTheGreat Introduction

2015-04-18 13:13:20 by GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA

The name is GaoGaiKingTheGreat or Marc for short, a Video Editor and a ameteur Voice actor on the internet and my work is usually around parodies and dubs. I've been Voice acting for 2 years and I'm still learning to this day. My voice range is medium-High Pitch kind of voice, doing something with a deep tone is something I have yet to find my true deep range but I go by whatever I can do my best at. I'm often available during the afternoon and most from Friday to Weekends so if there is any audition or line that needs to be done I'll be sure to work on them as soon as possible. Always looking forward to working with those with a passion, inspiration and dedication. If you want a idea of what I do here is my VA youtube channel to see all of my work so far:

If you wish to contact me personally my email is

Here is my Demo Reel as of recently (Always updating)





Thank you for reading and have an awesome day



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2015-04-19 06:22:06

Good stuff!